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Frontend And Backend Application Development​
Remote and on-premises support
Managed Web And Application Hosting
Remote Infrastructure Development And Management
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Software Development

We specialize in IT and DevOps solutions. We offer 360 solutions for all kinds of industries. Some of our services:

Remote and on-premises support

– Support for your company’s everyday needs. 

– We can access remotely or visit on-premises to resolve any issues with your software or hardware.
– Our engineers will fix anything, anywhere, anytime. Working hours, half-day and full-day support services are available for you to choose from.
– Flexible support packages with per hour charges.

Managed Web and Application hosting

– We can host, monitor, and update your application on our servers. We have servers in all major locations.

– SLAs available for all services.

Frontend and backend application development

– We specialize in creating the perfect application for your company’s needs.

– We can offer our services for any part of the development process up to full-stack development.
– Our main workflow uses PHP, JS, and Python but we can adapt to the client needs and incorporate any technology.

Remote infrastructure development and management

– Bring your company to the cloud. Create remote access for your employees to work from home.

– Reduce your infrastructure costs by leasing the hardware you require.
– We can create and manage your infrastructure needs for your services.
– We can work on any part of the infrastructure. Networking, Firewall, Security Policies, Hardware, and Software management.

Bare metal and virtual server deployment and management
– We can manage, monitor, update, and secure your servers.

– We can work with any server technology and maintain them for the best performance and uptime.
Our main workflow is using Proxmox Virtual Environment.
– But we can also support HyperV, VMWARE, XEN, KVM, LXC, Docker, Kubernetes, or any other hypervisor or container system.
– SLAs are available upon request.

On-premises infrastructure development
and managment

– Existing equipement assesment.

– New equipment proposal. – On-premise installation and configuration of the equipment.
– Host your cloud infrastructure on-premise for better access and lower monthly bills.
– We will create a full cloud infrastructure on-premises.
We work with most of the major equipment vendors but you can always source the equipment yourself.
– The infrastructure is developed with full remote management in mind.

Project consultancy and management

– We can manage and consult on your projects. We will make sure the project completes as per your requirements, at your budget, before your deadline.

– We can manage and consult on any IT, networking, and development project. We can provide our own contractors or work with you.
– No project is too small

IoT and Automation Project Implementations

– We can implement your IoT and automation systems. Create a custom dashboard for the sensor data.

– Secure the sensor network from external access. Lighting, music, environmental control automation.
– Escape room game implementation. PID control systems.


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We use our deep expertise in strategy, storytelling, technology, and data to transform the chaos of information into powerful stories that move people, brands and communities.
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Featured Services

Engaging Creative minds via technology

Bare metal and virtual server deployment and management
On-premises infrastructure development
and managment
Project consultancy and management
IoT And Automation Project Implementations​
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