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We provide IT solutions that help you succeed

We are an international IT company providing planned business results and services for complex business difficulties, in multiple industry sectors containing retail, healthcare, finance, education, and more. Our vast technology and industry knowledge allow us to focus on cutting-edge internet technologies with the aim to develop scalable, secure, and easy-to-use web applications that work across multiple devices. We trust that the judicious use of technology, together with a good design can reduce complexity, connect persons, and deliver valuable insights, all of which eventually help businesses succeed.

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At ALGsupport, we feel your IT must be a natural part of your professional, not tech for the sake of tech itself. That’s why we highlight business goal alignment with each partnership and strive to bring you way out that work with and for your business.

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ALGSupport provides full-scale development services for website, web application, software development and managed IT services.


We use our deep expertise in technology and data to transform the data into powerful stories that move individuals, brands and communities.

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From IT strategy consulting and comprehensive technology roadmaps to the end-to-end development of scalable solutions, Intellectsoft delivers a full-cycle software development services that adapt seamlessly to your project requirements and business needs.

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Most administrations use managed IT services as modern cybersecurity is a pain in the neck. Safeguarding your networks and devices takes continuous attention to the minutest details on a everyday basis. Cybersecurity has high stakes too: even one single neglected detail has the potential to let malicious hackers into your systems. Even if you have an in-house IT team to handle your business technology, they might not have the time to painstakingly attention on security day in and day out. Most in-house teams are too busy putting out fires to keep up with complete cybersecurity.

The foremost assistances of managed IT services are peace of mind and lesser overall technology charges. Peace of mind because you know that your information is protected from ~99% of cyberattacks (there’s no such thing as 100% security) and because you can call for IT support any time you required it. The lower overall charges often surprise business leaders who don’t understand that data breaches, non-compliance, and business downtime are high. When it comes to managed IT services, an ounce of prevention is more price-effective than a pound of cure.

Managed Services relates to all big business seeing for IT support. From start-ups to multinational corporations, the Accomplished IT Services have come to be the requirement of the hour for practically each enterprise. In the wake of growing cloud adoption, the IT MSPs are finding significance among SMBs who commonly refrain from outlay on complex assets and serious storage upkeep. Likewise, staying updated to the changing technology trends and security updates is regularly a serious test that most businesses face.

Managed services and outsourcing share commonalities but are unlike in proposing and the method. Specialists in both parts offer you with the required technology and IT infrastructure support. While an expert service ends with the operation of a specific necessity, an MSP helps your company’s IT for a long-term enlightening your administration’s overall IT posture.

Every IT service which is a part of managed service works in a different way. The procedure might overlay but the structure, administration and maintenance of each service is a standalone project.